9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Italy

Italy is a place where one visit is not enough due to its natural beauty, amazing food, art and so much more. You will love to get familiar with every corner of Italy that is enriched with great culture and history. There is no doubt that travelling makes you a better student and when it comes to this country, you will have additional perks to fulfil your educational goals.

Top 9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Italy

Check out the top reasons to choose Italy for studying and find out how it will help you gain great opportunities:

Easily Affordable

Italy offers reasonable living expenses as well as educational fees. While overseas students usually do not have access to inexpensive courses, this country provides great opportunities. Furthermore, both the government and individual colleges provide scholarship assistance.

The most expensive cities to live in are Rome, Bologna, and Milan whereas cheaper ones include Padua, Turin, and Pisa. You will not need to panic about extra charges or too many travel costs. Italians take great pride in their pasta that comes in a range of forms and sizes, the yummy Pizza like you have never tasted anywhere before, and lots of mouth-watering food items.

Diverse Educational Opportunities

There are around 100 universities in Italy and other institutes that are a part of the higher education system of the country. Some of the most prominent colleges are training the world’s most illustrious leaders and academics for generations. If you speak Italian fluently or aspire to do so, studying in Italy makes a lot of sense.

Due to the abundance of English language coursework, Italy is also a fantastic foreign study destination for English speakers. Universities in cities such as Florence, Siena, and Rome are famous for their significant English-language programming.

Enriched History, Arts, and Fashion

Italy comes automatically to mind when we think of art, design, fashion, and culture. It has a long history of artistic and architectural leadership and some of the world’s most well-known fashion and design brands are based there. IED stands for Istituto Europeo di Design which has many campuses scattered across the entire country.

They can be located in Como, Cagliari, Venice, etc. as it is one of the most prestigious design and fashion universities. Whether you want to study accessory design or luxury good marketing, you will get an option that suits your interests perfectly.

Place of Wonders

Italy is undoubtedly a place of wonders with so many beautiful places to visit. It has almost 51 heritage sites that depict the amazing culture and history. Be it the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mount Vesuvius, or the streets of Venice, this country has spellbinding places.

When you go out to study there, you get a chance to deepen your learning experience and enjoy the journey. It has snow-capped mountains, sunny beaches, high alpine meadows, etc. You will never get bored no matter which place you visit as each of its regions has so much to offer.

World-Renowned Cuisine

One of the most exciting things about getting an opportunity to study abroad is discovering new foods. Authentic Italian cuisine has so many tastes and flavours to double up your joy. You will have an absolute thrill while shopping at the local markets and exploring the food traditions.

You will learn about the unique styles and food customs that make this country famous globally. It has so much to offer that you will not only enjoy exploring a different world but also have a great educational experience.

Interesting Rituals

When it comes to Italy, there are many interesting rituals that you will surely not want to miss out on. Considering the educational context, Italy has something really fun to offer. Graduate students in Italy must go through a ridiculously amusing ceremony. Students dress up in silly costumes, typically a big diaper, a hula skirt, and a funny hat.

They sit on a bench wearing such costumes and wait for their peers and family to spray them with ketchup, eggs, or other culinary items after the official ceremony. Students also crowd around posters depicting caricatures of their peers, each accompanied by a caustic narrative.

Photos by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Warmth and Hospitality

Italian people welcome foreigners with bright smiles and warm hugs. La mia famiglia is a wonderful culture of caring and hospitality in which everyone is welcomed into a home and cherished as if their child. They will make you delicious meals, speak English with you to make you feel at ease, and provide you with a homebound vibe.

Not only this, but they will also take you on tours to different places and make you taste the popular Italian Pizza. As a student, this place is perfect for you to have all kinds of facilities you need and not feel lonely.

Longest Coastline in Europe

Italy has the longest coastline in Europe which makes it a dream place to visit. The Mediterranean, Adriatic, Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, and Ionian seas all wash the pristine Italian shores. Almost all of Italy’s 20 regions (excluding Umbria) have access to the sea, so you are never far from a beach.

You can enjoy the summer vacation by lazing on beaches, consuming delicious seafood, and admiring the emerald blue sea. You will find everything that suits your needs and taste based on your beach style, be it opulent resorts or historic sites.

Plenty of Heritage Sites to Visit

Italy, despite its small size, contains more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other European country. There are 55 sites in all, 50 of which are cultural and five of which are natural. Italy is home to Pompei, Herculaneum, and Torre Annunziata, as well as the historical centres of Florence, Naples, and Rome.

Also, there is the Dolomites, the cradle of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. You will get a chance to explore the Roman cities buried by Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 A.D. and gather a lot of useful knowledge.


Italy is a great choice for educational purposes due to all the reasons that go well with the needs of students. It is a perfect place to fulfil your dreams and is full of wonders and beauty.