Romantic Places to Visit In Goa for Honeymoon

Goa draws lovers from all across the globe because of the abundance of lovely honeymoon sites around the country. Goa is by far the most beautiful spot for honeymooners, with its enchanting combination of sea, sand, and sun. Countless honeymooners come to Goa from everywhere in the world to start their married lives off right. For newlyweds, Goa seldom misses leaving a lasting impression. Everyone who visits the city is enchanted by the atmosphere. The submerged image of Goan beaches is captivating. Watersports, such as water surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are available for newlyweds to enjoy in addition to the picturesque splendor of the beach.

Everything in Goa is magnificent and incredible. It offers everything you need for a fantastic trip with your partner: beaches, waterfalls, and rave parties. To assist you in planning the perfect Goa honeymoon, we have put together a list of various sites to visit in Goa that will help you enjoy the first few days of your blissful married life.

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Butterfly Beach

The Butterfly Beach is one of the finest spots to see in Goa with your loved ones, as it is so beautifully between two hills. People continue to flock to this unusual stunning butterfly beach. Because of its secluded and cozy setting, it is considered the most romantic location for honeymooners. The best activities to do here include dolphin gazing, sunrise viewing, intimate strolls, and kayaking. To get here from Palolem, you will have to journey through a deep verdant jungle. It is at Palolem’s northwestern corner.

Velsao Beach

The ideal spot to explore in Goa, India with your loved one is the remote beachfront of Velsao Beach. It is known for its coconut plantations and pristine seaside, which never cease to please tourists. With your partner, you could participate in exciting water sports, sunbathing and swimming. It is in the state of Goa’s south-central region.

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach has earned the title of ‘Queen of Beaches’. Parasailing and boating on the azure ocean waters and shopping at the nearby famed Tinto market are the main attractions of this beach. Make your lover delighted by purchasing gifts for her. Watch as she gets her hair braided. Stroll hand in hand while witnessing the gorgeous sunset at the beach. Fall in love all over again at this beautiful place.

Bamanbudo Waterfalls

The bubbly water that generates a melodic sound is responsible for the gorgeous sight of Bamanbudo falls. The chirping sounds of the birds offer a soothing soundtrack for passersby. This peaceful setting truly provides you with the best of nature. It is a lovely change of scenery from all the beaches in Goa. The Bamanbudo falls are located on the NH 14 Mumbai-Goa highway.

Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach’s pristine beaches draw people from all across the globe. It features wonderful Palm trees that compliment the splendid scenery of the peaceful beach. Although it is slightly congested due to it being a renowned beach, it will still give you that special beachy Goan vibe. It is 25 kilometers from North Goa.

Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach is the hidden gem of Goa. This is an ideal place for newlyweds who wish to spend some intimate moments together in a peaceful location. The beach, which is teeming with shellfish and lovely unusual stones, is worth visiting for its peace and tranquility. It is in the Panjim district of North Goa.

Grand Island

The Grand Island has progressively gained a reputation as one of Goa’s finest tourist destinations. Newlywed couples return to this lovely beach again and again because of the splendid landscape and scenery. You may take a stroll around the islands with your partner and spend some moments of peace together. The mysterious island is home to some of Goa’s top cafes, where you can sample a wide range of drinks and local delicacies. It takes about 40 minutes to get there via ferry from Goa’s major city.

Harvalem Waterfalls

You and your spouse may spend an intimate afternoon absorbing the picturesque splendor of the Harvalem waterfalls in Goa. It is a beautiful place to spend your honeymoon, surrounded by beautiful dense forests and scenic landscapes. The months of June through November are ideal for visiting Harvalem Falls. To get to the waterfalls, you could either take a cab from Panaji or Mapusa.

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Some Top Hotels for Tourists in Goa

Taj Exotica Goa

The Taj is synonymous with elegance and pleasure, as it’s one of the top romantic resorts in Goa. The resort is built in the Mediterranean aesthetic and sits on a secluded beach with views of the Arabian Sea. Pick a room with a view of the Arabian Sea and have a morning coffee while admiring its magnificence. Take a quiet stroll on the sands of the secluded beach with your better half. If you enjoy golf, Mini golf is another unique experience for you. This is without a doubt, the nicest resort in Goa to visit for your honeymoon.

The Park

There are several wonderful honeymoon resorts in Goa, but The Park stands out for its ideal combination of refined design, hospitality and culture. The resort is elegantly built and fully equipped with contemporary amenities. There is a rooftop dining hall with spectacular views of the crystal clear waters of the sea. The hotel’s Deluxe Suites include a private balcony from which you and your partner will be able to view the stunning hues of the sunset. The finest honeymoon hotel in Goa is, without a doubt, this one.

W Goa

The W Goa is unquestionably one of Goa’s finest honeymoon hotels. You may pick your own view; some suites have a breathtaking view of the mountains, while others have a romantic view of the ocean. It Is also believed to be the finest 5-star hotel in Goa for honeymoons because of the numerous excellent facilities available. Spice Traders’ Pan Asian gourmet tastes may be enjoyed in a romantic environment. Invest your days in the Marvelous suites with your loved one. Begin your days with the rays of sun falling gently on your face and the sea breeze lifting your mood instantly.