10 Best beaches in Dubai to visit

Dubai middle eastern emirate offering a sequence of luxurious lifestyles and adventures is also home to snow-white sandy beaches. Despite the blazing heat of the sun rays, all the burns calm down once you step onto the emerald and aqua-blue beaches dwelling on the Persian Gulf.

Beaches are beautiful places on earth for vacation. While you prepare your Dubai visa, bucket list these top ten famous beaches that will be the icing on the cake for your Dubai trip.

Jumeirah beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the famous tourist attractions to visit in Dubai. Outstretched along the coast of the Persian Gulf, Jumeirah beach, known for its white sands, the frontage flatters luxury hotels and resorts, including the spectacular Burj al Arab nestled against Dubai’s coast. While relaxing on the beach, you can see a variety of cafes, palm trees, desert gardens, barbeques, children’s parks, and so on. Sightseers are attracted to the bright light of Jumeirah beach, enjoying the lively beach vibes.

Mariana beach

Offering sparkling scenery, the picturesque Marina beach witnesses thousands of beach lovers each year. The scenic view becomes surreal during the night with the reflections of lit-up buildings around it lightening the waters. The entire destination is charged with exciting activities, events, and games. Along with the beach, a cruise ride in the evening will let you enjoy the most stunning view of Dubai’s cityscape. You can even rent a bike and ride along the shoreline, tasting the cool sea breeze while treating yourself to the delicious meals in the series of fine dining at Marina Beach.

Kite beach

According to the site, Kite Beach, located across the Al Manora Road Junction, is named after Kite surfing. Enjoy this extreme watersport with thousands of strangers challenging your skills against the emerald waters of the incredible Arabian Gulf. Once you hop onto the beach, you can spot thousands of vibrant colors sky surfing. Do not worry if you are a beginner; sufficient training and safety measures are provided to experience the same as pro kite surfers. The pure texture of the beach, feeling the soft and clean sands touching your feet, makes your time worthwhile here. ’

Sunset beach

Sunset beach, also known as Umm Suqeim beach, is a perfect spot for sunbathing with the sand and Burj al Arab. It is a favorite leisure beach among the locals, offering a calm and relaxing time to spend. Witness the breathtaking sun-setting scene while lying on the beach or playing around in the sand. The beach even allows you to catch up on some books to read in the nearby handy library station for borrowing and donating books. You can either run along the coastline or explore the strolls around the shoreline while enjoying one of the best beaches in Dubai.

Photo by Rex Benny on Unsplash

Al Mamzar beach

A popular beach including every activity, Al Mamazar beach is a hidden jewel of Dubai. Situated along the west coast of Deira, the beach grants the most scenic views of the pristine water. Immerse yourself in the feel of the windy paths as you step onto the lush landscape beach park with a peaceful aura, calming your soul. Al Mamazar beach is a must-see beach with palm and coconut trees and futuristic architecture, highlighting fun events like barbeques, jet skiing, and picnicking that will ensure you spend quality time with your friends and family.

Photo by Dario Ciraulo on Unsplash

La Mer Beach

With its sprawling beachfront and scenic board, La Mer Beach is the most famous beach venue in the city. Located at Jumeirah 1, the coastline receives its beauty from the rich marine life. From the hundreds of shops, trendy cafes, and elegant tall palm trees, it seems like paradise for most tourists. You can either walk unshod on the sands with a chic fit or go on and participate in the water adventures. Your trip to La Mer beach includes swimming from dusk till dawn, go for boating, sailing, or just sitting and relaxing while watching the beautiful sunset with some mouthwatering cuisine.

Al Sufouh Beach

Visiting Al Sufouh beach is one of the best beach experiences you will ever have. The beach is the city’s hidden gem, nicknamed “secret beach,”. One can spot the rows of palm trees hiding the tranquil beach tucked between Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. Admire the beautiful view while you watch the waves gushing towards the shoreline, making it a perfect spot for children and adults to explore underwater life.

Cove beach

From luxurious sunbeds to sipping amazing juices at the lounge, Cove beach has an array of amenities. The beach flaunts a stunning esplanade, giving you a sprawling view of the Arabian Gulf. What’s more, the site has one of the best seafood meals to devour, inviting influencers, jet-setters, and celebrities to relish the beach nights. The Rose Lounge is the center of attraction of the venue, with vibrant music and popping bottles of world-class liquor. Experience the unmatched atmosphere at The Cove Beach.

JBR beach

One of the beaches that you cannot ignore is JBR Beach. This attractive beach is a favorite night hub among the locals and travelers. The JBR beach offers you a striking seaside highlighting thirty elevated towers with renowned boutique hotels in Dubai owning lavish private properties. JBR beach is raging with cafes, entertainment, restaurants, and seamless shopping malls. You can also go wakeboarding, banana boating, and more.

Mercato beach

Mercato beach is a calm and quiet beach compared to another popular beach in Dubai. You may spot people on the beach, probably locals, making it an ideal place to unwind from your workaholic routine. The beach also provides a library facility free of charge with benches and bean bags where you can submerge yourself in the world of books.

With the city’s grandeur and revolutionary architecture, the government has made it simple to obtain a Dubai tourist visa to experience the best of the Emirati world.

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