Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is part of the UNESCO-protected heritage and one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world. Pearl of the park consists of 16 lakes connected by waterfalls. This unique natural world, the combination of water and forests, flora and fauna, the contrast of autumn colors, the joy of summer, and winter white magic are unique stories you must live. Within the park are located kilometers of footpaths and wooden bridges over lakes. Tourist train and boat across the lake Kozjak makes a visit to the lake easier.

Plitvice House “Lake” To make your visit to the Plitvice lakes was even nicer, Plitvice House Lake offers a cozy atmosphere in the family home. With six bedrooms and a small number of guests, you’ll have complete peace and privacy. If you want a break and wake up in nature our house is ideal for you. Guarantee the quality of our 55-year tradition. We are located in the beautiful scenery along the main road D1, located only 20 minutes walk from the entrance to the lake and 300 meters from the ski centre Mukinje. Recreation In our vicinity, there are many attractive localities where you can spend an active holiday.

Tour of the Plitvice Lakes

The most wonderful activity you should not miss is a tour of the Plitvice Lakes. When you come to Plitvice House Javorina you will receive a tourist map of Plitvice Lakes, which outlines all the recommended trails and important attractions. The entrance to the Park is about 1500 meters away from us, in the direction of Zagreb. You can reach the entrance on foot, with an easy walk through the tourist resort and a beautiful forest. If you go by car, you leave it in the parking lot at the entrance. Parking is 8kn / h for passenger cars. If you do not have transportation, we will take you to the entrance to the lakes for free. You can buy tickets here at prices: Adults – 110 kuna Students – 80 kuna children 7-18 years – 55kn children up to 7 years – free of charge It takes 4-8 hours to visit the lake. The lakes are accessible on foot by well-groomed and marked trails and wooden bridges, as well as by electric panoramic train and boat (included in the ticket price). Before departure, we will recommend the best routes according to your wishes and available time.

Riding a bike

In the shadow of the centuries-old shallow forests of silence and mysterious wildlife, macadam and asphalt roads, forest trains and field paths, across meadows and through forests, along hidden bridges, rivers, and lakes, kilometers of trails for cyclists have been traced. This provides access to those parts of the Plitvice Lakes National Park that are not within the reach of visitors in the park’s walking and sightseeing system. The bike routes in the Park were traced and marked. You can see the trail maps and recommendations here. If you do not own a bicycle, our bikes are available. If you intend to use our bikes, please let us know.

Tour of Barac’s Caves

Barac’s Caves are located 20 km from us in the direction of Zagreb. You reach the entrance by car and have parking. The tour of the Upper Barac Cave is organized with the help of expert guides who, for 45-60 minutes, expose the general geological structure of the cave, its formation, specificities, and archaeological findings with attention to types of decoration and details. Working hours: May, June, September – daily from 10 am to 6 pm July, August – daily 09: 00-19: 00 h Ticket prices: Adults 50 kn Children 25 kuna Children under 7 accompanied by their parents have free admission. You can find out more about Barac’s Caves here.

Rastoke Ethno Village

35 km from us in the direction of Zagreb, next to Slunj, there is the tourist settlement Rastoke. The blue-green water of the Slunjčica flows into the Korana River 600 m in length across a series of travertine barriers and waterfalls, forming a unique natural entity called the “Little Plitvice Lakes”. Rastoke as a settlement is listed under the protection of the State Administration for the Protection of Cultural and Historical Heritage, with the largest number of settlements built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, while the mills existed since the 17th century. A great destination for all lovers of nature, antiques, and local dishes.

Riding In Rakovica

17 km away from us is a ranch with horseback riding. Riding through forests, meadows, cereal fields, mountain trails, and river valleys, you will experience the amazing diversity of Velebit and the surrounding landscapes where the legendary Winnetou film was shot. Experience the clean air, quiet, birdsong, and unpolluted environment with breathtaking landscapes. Touring nature on horseback is the least disturbing of the wildlife and gives you close proximity to wildlife. The pristine nature along the edge of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the beauty of the valleys of the Gacka and Lika Rivers, the Krbavsko Polje, the untamed beauty of the Velebit Nature Park and the North Velebit National Park provide an unforgettable experience for all nature lovers and horse friends. More information can be found here.

Rafting on the Korana

At 40 km from us in the direction of Zagreb, you will experience an unforgettable adventure. Sailing along the Korana River in rafts with 6-8 people across a multitude of wild and untamed rapids and travertine barriers where you can feel the adrenaline rush and excitement of the sport. It passes through inaccessible beautiful river canyons, with no populated areas. This clear and wild river gives you a ride over thirty waterfalls. More information can be found here. Rafting on Uni About 35 km away, the Una River offers the best rafting conditions in the region. Several rafting clubs on the Croatian and Bosnian sides of the Una River provide excellently organized and unforgettable rafting tours. # Flight across the canyon At the very edge of the National Park, 7 km away from us is the longest zip line in Croatia. It was crucified over the canyon of the Korana River, on the edge of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Descending on a steel rope with a pulley and its associated seat at a dizzying speed of more than 60 km / h, you will experience the greatest adrenaline rush. Read more about this adventure here.