What are the advantages of using GPS Trackers for travel?

There’s nothing quite like a good trip. The fun and excitement of vacation, nature, culture, and the people you meet; it’s refreshing. However, it’s not always easy making the best out of your trip when there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Especially when you are in a remote place or an unfamiliar location, getting help or finding your way out can be tricky. Therefore you have to take precautions and prepare for unfortunate scenarios while travelling.

Even while travelling for business-related stuff, you can end up in precarious scenarios where you need help. Therefore we strongly suggest using a GPS Tracker for all your travel. Be it on your next beach day or a remote hiking trip, or even when your office is moving to another location, a GPS tracker on board can save you a lot of trouble from mishaps and emergency situations.

What are GPS trackers?

GPS Trackers are devices that track and transmit their location data to you. There are many ways this works. Novelty items like your Air Tags use Bluetooth to detect Apple devices around them and use their GPS to detect location whereas GPS trackers use sim cards to communicate with satellites to accurately pinpoint their location. We strongly suggest you to use a dedicated GPS tracker for all your travel-related requirements rather than converting a smartphone or using Air Tags because they do not work well in remote locations and emergency scenarios.

Essentially, GPS trackers are receivers that detect the signals sent by GPS satellites from the Earth’s orbit. There are several of these satellites orbiting us and with just a mere 4 of them, a GPS tracker can precisely determine where they are on the surface of the earth. However, if there are more satellites available, the accuracy of the location increases.

Once the GPS tracker determines the location, they then transmit that data to whatever server or app you are using to manage it. That way, you can see where the GPS Tracker is, and thereby also know where the object or person carrying that tracker is at any point in time.

Some GPS Trackers also come with the added feature of travel history where you can also see the past routes and locations it has been to. This allows you to not only locate the tracker but also see how it got there, which route it took, when etc. now if you are thinking about how all this helps you in travel, well we are about to reach there. Let’s see what wonders GPS Trackers can do to make your travel more effortless and hassle-free.

GPS Tracker

How does GPS Tracker help you while travelling?

While you are going on a vacation, the last thing you need is to misplace or lose your belongings, especially in an unfamiliar place. It happens all the time in air travel when your luggage is loaded on another plane, or you can’t find them in the hurry. Not to mention when you are visiting a foreign place and a lurking burglar knicks your beach backpack while you are away sunbathing on the perfect beach getting that tan.

With a GPS Tracker in the bag, you can easily always know where your bag or luggage. Even if you are leaving them at the hotel for some sightseeing, you can ensure that all your belongings are safe at the hotel because you can always see their location. There are also features like Geo-Fencing that come with some GPS Trackers. This allows you to mark a virtual boundary around the hotel and will instantly alert you with a push notification or email when the tracker leaves that boundary. So as soon as your bag or luggage leaves the premises, you are instantly notified, and you can take quick action to protect your valuables.

Another great way GPS Trackers helps you while travelling is by assuring a blanket of safety. GPS Trackers are an easy way to let your loved ones know you are safe. You can simply carry around a GPS Tracker that is hardly noticeable and your parents or spouses can know you are safe from harm’s way even when you are far away. It takes a huge load off your shoulders without having to constantly update your location and status and still know there’s someone looking after you to keep you safe.

Some models of personal GPS tracker also have dedicated SOS buttons that you can use in case of emergencies. As soon as you press it, instant alerts go out to your primary contacts and first responders like the police or ambulance along with your precise location data. It’s a failproof way to assure help even when you are in remote places or travelling alone.

GPS Trackers can also be a great way to keep your belongings safe at home when you are away on your trip. You can easily install them with your TVs or cars and go on your trip peacefully. You can check their statuses on your mobile app and if someone takes them without your knowledge, you can immediately contact authorities and retrieve them without any issues. We all know the longer it takes to catch the burglar, the harder it gets to get your things back. Since GPS Trackers are a great way to pinpoint the location and route map of the thief, the police can quickly get to them.

A GPS Tracker is an anti-theft, travel insurance, and silent protection for your travel. Though there are several options out there for you to choose from, we suggest you consider the features, the connectivity, and the after-sales service for each tracker before making a final choice. You also want to make your tracker durable and reliable when taking them with you on a trip. Water resistance, battery capacity, coverage for network etc. can all be considered to choose one that is right for you.