Top 4 Best Motorcycle Roads in Maryland, USA

When it comes to planning a motorcycle road trip, most people will think about Arizona, California, Louisiana, Manasota, or maybe Colorado. However, most people do not consider Maryland such a good choice because it is not a large state and most people think that unless a state doesn’t have too much space it will never have too much to offer. To some extent, this might be true but if you are considering Maryland as your next stop for a motorcycle road trip, you might be surprised how much it has to offer. Maryland can easily be divided into five different regions.

Considering the division based on regions, you will get the eastern shore region. It is the region where you will have mostly flat areas with green farmlands and beaches so you can enjoy a peaceful ride. If you choose the capital region you will find a lot of historical and cultural hubs with different stops where you can stop and stimulate your brain.

If you choose the central region, you will get to travel on the hills with Chesapeake Bay as the center. In this region, you will get a lot of urban areas including the famous Baltimore region. If you move to the southern side, you will get a lot of historical spaces and natural preserves as well. On the western side of Maryland, you will have some of the most scenic landscapes filled with mountains and lakes.

What Is The Ideal Travel Plan For Maryland?

Most people choose to travel to just one region, they move around and then plan a trip for the other region. However, there are a few people who usually plan their trip according to the route so they don’t divide the state according to the regions, instead they travel all around without any possible division. No matter what style you choose and how you want to travel, you need to keep in mind that before getting on with the trip you need to have an understanding of your region, the time you are willing to spend, and what are personal preferences and interests so far. After knowing why you want to travel and what are your interests you will be able to arrange the regions based on your personal preferences.

With the help of this article, we will mainly help the beginner plan a full road trip in Maryland. We have listed down some of the best and most diverse routes allowing you a peek into every region. Our idea is to help beginners plan a trip that allows them to enjoy every region.

Best Motorcycle Roads in Maryland, USA

For beginners planning their first road trip to Maryland, here are some of the best routes that they must consider while planning the trip.

Route 26

Taking route 26 all the way to Baltimore is just a 30 miles ride. This route will take you across the liberty reservoir. For people planning this ride, they need to keep in mind that on their way, they will pass a lot of small towns, farmlands, and a few urban spaces as well. For getting your gas tank filled, you will also have easy access to gas stations. You will have plenty of shade because of the tree coverage so there is a lot of wildlife as well. If you are into wildlife or you like wildlife photography, you can also bring your camera along. Most of the area is rural so you will get to travel easily without busy roads. Roads are fully paved and very well maintained so even a beginner can ride on these roads.

Falls Road Pretty Boy Tour

Starting from the northwest side of Baltimore, this route offers the most scenic sights. Most people like to plan the tour on this route during fall when you will get to experience the fall colors. You can also bring the camera along if you like to capture pictures. The best thing is that you will see wildlife as well, so if you are an animal lover, you have to keep this route in mind. In case you want to plan for an adventure tour, you will also see some of the fun roads and pretty boy reservoir by the end of the route. The trail overall offers the best view so you can park your motorcycle nearby and enjoy the view as well.

Savage River Road

This is a short ride so if you are on a brief trip, savage river road is ideal for you. This route starts from the state forest and it will lead you all the way to the river bank. You will see some of the best and most scenic views along the way. Once you reach there you will enjoy the view of the river with rocks, thick forest and mountains as well. All the roads are fully paved so you can bring along any motorcycle you want. The best thing is that you will also see some of the sweeping turns so you also have to be very careful along the way. You will also have a place for hiking and if you like fishing you can stay and enjoy that as well.

Lighthouse Run

This is one of the most magical and challenging routes you can ever discover. The roads are fully paved but they are filled with twists and turns. You can start from Elk Neck Woods and lead all the way to Elk Neck State Park/ throughout your journey you will find some of the best hills and trees till you reach the end. The landscape is also very interesting so make sure you bring along your camera.

Bottom Line

Riding your motorcycle in Maryland can only be fun if you know where you are going. Most people come here with just one idea in mind, Maryland will offer them some of the best historical sites. If you want to travel for the sake of historical places only, you have to travel by region as mentioned above. However, if you are ready to explore the regions altogether then plan your trip according to the routes.