How To Prepare for your First Day Hike (Infographic)

Spending time off the beaten track while traveling is a dream for all of us. Discovering unexpected places, embracing a carefree mindset, and surrendering to the adventure is a big part of why many people take an intrepid approach to travel.

One of the very best ways to do this is hiking – leisure, fitness, and travel activity that’s really exploded in recent years. More than ever, we’re seeking time spent in nature or green spaces where we can unwind, forget the time, and have an adventure all at once.

Even if it’s just your own backyard or local region, there is always something to uncover and it’s often what we learn about ourselves in the process that makes hiking such an enriching activity.

Despite this, for people who are inexperienced or not particularly into the outdoors, the idea of taking up hiking let alone devoting a full day to the trails is a bit intimidating.

In reality, though, hiking is an accessible activity due to its affordability, the sheer volume of walking tracks and trails in cities and regional areas, and the fact that beginners really only need a pair of supportive trainers to get started.

Whether it’s urban spaces, coastlines, summiting mountains, or forest walks, hiking is what you make it and as the Lao Tzu proverb goes, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

To help you work out exactly what you need and work up to your first big hike, Gabor Shoes shared the infographic below.

This graphic is designed as a comprehensive guide for ‘How To Prepare For Your First Day Hike’ covering the benefits of hiking, the equipment you need, the right shoes for proper hikes, a list of hiking essentials, and then how to approach your first full day hike from start to finish. Check it out and here’s to seeing the world on foot near and far!

How To Prepare For Your First Day Hike