Sightseeing in Venice

What a city for sightseeing! Stroll around the city, enjoy the atmosphere, and see the most important sight of this great place.

Walking along the Grand Canal and watch the architecture and people passing by is amazing thing to do here.

Venice is the most photogenic city and around every twist and turn is a wonderful sight. Everyone gets lost in Venice and that is one of the charms of the city, not two alleyways are parallel so that you lose your sense of direction but so what – that is all part of getting to know Venice.

Canal with Gondola in Venice
Canal with Gondola in Venice

The architecture and the scenery is beautiful. So much of what you see has a strangeness about it and a romantic feel to it. You’ll want to have your camera with you at all times to capture just some of the memories for later.

See the list below of the truly fascinating places I hope you get to see during your visit. Some sights here are just must do.

Venice is a remarkable city, full of historical sights and extraordinary views.

Crossing the bridge over Canal in Venice
Crossing the bridge over Canal in Venice

Best sights in Venice

Rialto Bridge and Market

A must see thisng is bustling Rialto Market and Rialto Bridge this is where you will get the true feeling of the town. A ride on the Gondola is also highly recommended, expensive but can you come away from Venice without a ride on one of the Canals. While we’ve mentioned a few there are but only thousands more.

Ca’ d’Oro Palace

Take your camera along when you visit the beautiful palace of Ca’ d’Oro Palace. This is truly a beautiful Palace and can best be seen from one of the Grand Canal water buses or from a Gondola. Area: Cannaregio ; More info is here


Cannaregio part of Venice extends north of the Grand Canal, features has many wonderful churches, calli(streets), and campi, ‘fields’, or what the rest of Italy now calls Piazzas, that are largely ignored by the majority of tourists. A stroll along Cannaregio’s quiet lanes reveals much of the authentic charm that first made Venice famous. ; More info is here

 Ca’ d’Oro Palace, Venice, Cannaregio
Ca’ d’Oro Palace, Venice, Cannaregio

Piazza San Marco ( St. Mark’s Square )

The Piazza San Marco is a must see for all visitors to the Venice area. You have to spend time here, either wandering around or drinking coffee at one of the many cafes surrounding this Square and enjoy this most famous views of Venice with St Marks dominating. Once you have seen this piazza several times, it’s time to discover the details of the Piazza – Check some facts of this lovely Piazza here

Basilica di San Marco – Pala d’Oro e Tesoro

At the Basilica di San Marco – Pala d’Oro e Tesoro you’ll see fantastic architecture. It is a marvellous Basilica and reeks of history. Much of it has been restored following some very large flooding. Located and Piazza San Marco, it is opend every day both for prayer and for the opportunity to admire its extraordinary artistic heritage. Read all details at their home page here.

Ponte dei Sospiri bridge
Ponte dei Sospiri bridge

Ponte dei Sospiri

Location: Sestiere di San Marco, the city centre.
Ponte dei Sospiri is a fully covered bridge bridging the canal in the cntre of the Venice. A must see detail of this amazing town plan.

II Ghetto

Location: Canneregio – II Ghetto is an interesting historical part of Venice which you should see.


The Murano is an island in the Lagoon. Many tours go there and it is another great place to visit in Venice. There is lots to do especially to learn something about the famous Murano glass industry and to buy some glass souvenirs. Dont miss Salviati too. Location: Isola di Murano

Video of Venice Sights

Venice sights video

Best Venice Tour

You have to take a Gondola tour. Some of the Gondoliers will also provide you with a running commentary of the sights you pass. Some will just ignore this while paddling around the canals. Likewise some will chatt with you, others won’t so check out for details before you set out. Also the price, length and the route of the trip.

There are also tours of some of the major sights like in St Marks Basilica.

The Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Oriental Art as well as Peggy Guggenheim Gallery in Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, 701 Dorsoduro are another recommended sits to check if you have enough time to explore this lovely city. The list of the sights here are the minumum one should see even if you are visiting Venice just for a day excursion tour.

Amazing architecture - Ponte dei Sospiri bridge details
Amazing architecture – Ponte dei Sospiri bridge details