Why Moving Abroad Is Worth It

Credit: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Moving and living overseas is a major goal for many people and in many cases, it’s the adventure of a lifetime! Whether it’s for short-term lifestyle benefits or long-term career development, time spent living overseas is incredibly fulfilling and enriching for so many reasons. Here are five major justifications for moving abroad.

5 Reasons For Moving Abroad

1. Life experience

First things first, living overseas exponentially shift the outlook of anyone who does as well as how they relate to others. These are really positive outcomes and help build resilience, empathy and self-awareness. There are other upsides dependent on the location like learning a new language and greater cultural insights, too. These are the sort of qualitative and quantitative impacts that can’t be experienced any other way and daily meaningful challenges contribute to expansive growth on a daily basis.

2. Professional development

Living and working in an entirely new environment is a fantastic trial by fire for professional development. Working culture is likely to be different and this results in people becoming more adaptive, analytical and collaborative. No matter the industry or the nature of the job, it’s all invaluable and the sheer ability to stick out in a foreign environment is a valuable piece of experience for any person.

3. Expanded friend networks

Starting a new life in a new place is always monumental change and the chance to build new friendships is super exciting albeit terrifying. The cross-section of people that one meets living overseas is fascinating and establishing a new community that becomes family far from home is hard to put into words. The less-discussed reason to move overseas is also that it deepens the relationship a person has with themselves and this is a very important connection to work on.

4. Travel and adventure

From discovering a new city, country, or bloc, moving overseas nearly always presents the chance to work and play in a way that standard holidays don’t. The UK and Europe are especially attractive for this because there are trains, ferries, planes and car rides connecting everywhere and anywhere. Seizing the chance to travel more and make it a central part of life is hugely appealing.

5. Career opportunities

So many people move overseas for career opportunities ‒ just think of regions like the UAE that subsist on workers from all over the world. Moving for a job offer is also a great strategy for making a move happen because there’s a chance it helps with minimising the stress of the move (and the pressure of getting a job immediately), the costs of moving, and visa logistics, or, all of these factors. The bottom line though is that no matter the destination, a worker from another country is often considered a great hire because they automatically have international experience and the drive to be there making an impact. In the long run, international job history also looks really good on a résumé.

Where To From Here? Making A Move Abroad Happen

To help with planning an international move, immigration law firm Hansen and Company developed this practical guide to keeping a move abroad on-track. Read on for the full infographic resource, ‘How To Keep A Move Abroad On-Track’, and here’s to an adventurous life overseas!