Hiking Checklist

Preparation is always a very vital part of any kind of activity that you may do. Before going to school or work in the morning, you do your daily regimen. That may include a cup of coffee, a good breakfast, or a few minutes’ jog in the neighborhood. The same is very much true when […]

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is part of the UNESCO-protected heritage and one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world. Pearl of the park consists of 16 lakes connected by waterfalls. This unique natural world, the combination of water and forests, flora and fauna, the contrast of autumn colors, the joy of summer, and winter […]

The Top 10 Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Named the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik has easily topped the list as one of travellers favourite cities. The walls in the Old City area are in such fantastic condition that it is hard to believe this place is real. If you’re thinking of stopping by Dubrovnik for day or two, please do – this beautiful city […]

Kravice Waterfalls and Mostar Day Trip

I never visited Eastern Europe before, Bosnia & Herzegovina was my first country in Eastern Europe to visit. I’ve fallen in love with it ever since – there’s something about the scenery, atmosphere, and architecture in Eastern Europe that tugs at my heartstrings. Kravice Waterfalls I’m a sucker for waterfalls. When I saw Kravice Falls in pictures […]

Best Restaurants in Vlore, Albania

When visiting Albania’s still undiscovered coast and gorgeous Vlora riviera, which is located just a ferry ride from the Italian coast and its colourful port of Brindisi, you’ll be amazed by the utter number of lovely places to eat and drink. On this sunny coast, you will find that good lunch or dinner in an affordable restaurant […]

What are the Best Hiking Boots?

The greatest hiking boots must meet an essential requirement: they must keep you comfortable while you hike. A devoted hiker will not be deterred from their regular stroll by snow, rain, or heat. The extent to which you like the trek will be determined by what lies beneath your feet. You’ll never have a pleasant […]

Top 3 Motorcycle Routes in New South Wales

Living in Australia is like living the true adventurous dream. If you are a true adventure enthusiast at heart, there is a high chance that you are already loving your life in Australia where wildlife, scenic views, and crazy adventure sports are famous. Known for its vast variety of exotic animals and plants, beautiful beaches, […]

Top 4 Best Motorcycle Roads in Maryland, USA

When it comes to planning a motorcycle road trip, most people will think about Arizona, California, Louisiana, Manasota, or maybe Colorado. However, most people do not consider Maryland such a good choice because it is not a large state and most people think that unless a state doesn’t have too much space it will never […]

10 Best beaches in Dubai to visit

Dubai middle eastern emirate offering a sequence of luxurious lifestyles and adventures is also home to snow-white sandy beaches. Despite the blazing heat of the sun rays, all the burns calm down once you step onto the emerald and aqua-blue beaches dwelling on the Persian Gulf. Beaches are beautiful places on earth for vacation. While […]

7 Exhilarating Road Trips Across the USA

If you’re looking for marvelous landscapes or exciting sweepers and twisties, these excursions ensure a definitive two-wheel ride. Riding across the United States on a bike makes for the ideal excursion. Cruiser visiting offers a definitive amicable separation. It’s likewise colossal tomfoolery, transforming an excursion into a fun experience as you open the choke and […]