The Top 10 Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Named the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik has easily topped the list as one of travellers favourite cities. The walls in the Old City area are in such fantastic condition that it is hard to believe this place is real. If you’re thinking of stopping by Dubrovnik for day or two, please do – this beautiful city […]

Best Beaches to visit in Dubrovnik

Many visitors come to Dubrovnik in search of the perfect beach holiday and with crystal clear waters and nearly perfect weather from May to October, most will have no problem finding it. However, some first-time visitors are surprised to find that Dubrovnik does not offer the kind of white, sandy beaches that are found at many other […]

Four places to visit in Dalmatia

Visiting Bol Beach Croatia Arriving in Bol we made our way down a long tree-lined pathway towards Bol Beach. There are small cafes at the start of the path. We stopped at one for our typical lunch of Pizza and beer. You can catch a trolly train here that goes directly to Bol Beach, about […]

Exploring Old Town Dubrovnik

Our first adventures in Dubrovnik were to simply explore the city. The beauty is just extraordinary and only enhanced by the uniqueness of it all. Dubrovnik is unlike any other city in Europe. Dubrovnik was the definition of purity. The light is outstanding. I highly suggest getting up as the sun rises to grab shots […]