Things that tourists should not miss in Turkey

Turkey is loaded with bewitching natural sceneries, historical architecture, blue seas, green mountains, waterfalls, lakes, lush green forests, and hot thermal springs. It is geographically diverse, historically and culturally rich monuments and a huge legacy of finest cuisines make Turkey a dream destination for tourists. With a lot to offer for tourists, it’s obvious to wonder about the things that tourists should not miss in Turkey. Don’t’ worry! Just apply for our Turkey Visa for we have sorted out this list of things you shouldn’t miss.

Enjoy a hot spring bath

This mineral-rich hot spring bath is located in Pamukkale town, which is located to the east of Turkey. This town has acquired the name because of a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Cotton Castle. The Cotton Castle is a mysterious landscape of calcium carbonate deposits formed due to volcanic activities under the ground.

The terraced white limestone formation forms a distinct contrast to the blue pools that look as if purposely carved out in layers.

Being a popular tourist attraction, this place is usually crowded. So, visit it with bare minimal things since there is no locker room. Just take your bathing suit, sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen lotion, flip flops, and of course, a pair of clothes for changing. Bathing in any of the pools is beneficial to the skin, eyes, and lowers blood pressure.

Take a hot air balloon ride over Fairy Chimneys

The fairy chimneys are located in Cappadocia, which is an amazing rock formation that emerged naturally due to frequent volcanic activities happening over thousands of years. The rock formations are weird but beautiful. These natural rock formations also gave birth to human ingenuity.

The persecuted Christians made the rocks their homes by carving a network of living quarters, churches, storehouses, and stables to tether animals. They used soft rock for carving. In fact, they built an underground city going down as deep as 10-stories connected through a narrow passage. You will enjoy looking at the frescoes.

The best way to experience these amazing rock formations is by taking a hot air balloon ride. It’s a fabulous way to see the spectacular landscape of Cappadocia. Once up in the air, the views and colors are breathtaking. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the sunrise while in the air.

Take a hot air balloon ride over Fairy Chimneys

Gorge upon famous Turkish cuisines

Since Turkey was ruled by the Persians, Romans, and Ottomans, it has inherited a wide variety of cuisines. Whether you have a sweet tooth, or a deep liking for non-veg dishes, Turkey can satiate all your cravings for food. It offers a variety of mouth-watering things to savor on every occasion.

One sweet thing that you must try is Turkish delight. It is made by combining all the goodies such as dates, pistachios, and hazelnuts. Another one is Baklava. It’s a dessert that is handed over by the Ottoman Empire.

For those who love non-veg food, Turkey offers a variety of kebabs than any other place. Some of the kebabs to try are Adana kebab, Tray kebab, Eggplant kebab, and Beyti kebab.

Indulge in Turkish Bath

If you want to make your skin healthy, and also reduce your stress level, then taking a Turkish bath is a must. The bath was a ritual started by Romans. Before taking the bath, you’ve to sit in the steam room for a while.

When your body is full of sweat, you’ve to lie down on the marble floor and cover yourself with silky soap bubbles. A masseur will then use a loafer and scrub away all the dead skin from your body.

Visit Ephesus

Ephesus was an ancient Greek city, which also became a major Roman city. It was the second-largest city in the world and a commercial center during the rule of the Roman Empire. It is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

This place has the largest collection of Roman ruins despite only 15% of the remains being excavated. However, whatever is visible in the form of ruins is enough to give a glimpse of the city’s original splendor. A visit to this place is like time-traveling.

Get amazed by seeing the Celsus Library, which was originally built in 125 AD in the memory of Julius Celsus. It was the third-largest library in the world and has an imposing facade. You can see local pharmacies, public bathrooms, and a world-famous amphitheater with a sitting capacity of 4200 people.

Visit Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque was built by Sultan Ahmed Camil during the early 1600s. Hence, it is also called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and is one of the major worship places in Istanbul, Turkey. It is located at a strategic place from where you can enjoy the views of the city and Bosphorus River.

The mosque is a glorious piece of stunning architecture with six towering minarets. The cascading domes give the mosque a unique look. The inside of the mosque is adorned with blue interior tiles. Its high-vaulted ceilings are decorated with bright mosaic tiles. All the entrances of the mosque have an impressive courtyard.

Visit Blue Mosque

Try the National Drink

This is a drink made of just three daily-use kitchen ingredients – water, salt, and yogurt. For the Turks, this is a refreshing drink. It’s possible that you may have had this drink at your home several times during the summer.

Try and see if this National Drink is something different than what you’ve already experienced. There is a chance that you may either like it or hate it. After all, the taste is subjective.

Drink Turkish Tea and Coffee

Tea and Coffee are the staple drinks that we indulge in daily. But enjoying them in Turkey is something different. The Turks consider drinking coffee as a ritual and usually enjoy it after a meal. They even have it at tea time. The locals drink it when having a long and friendly conversation with their friends and relatives.

Coffee is so loved and consumed that it has also become a source of superstition. Fortunetellers use the leftover grains of coffee in the cup and saucer to tell the future of the drinker.

Turkey is full of great destinations and diverse offerings to cater to all types of tourists. While there are hundreds of things to do in Turkey, make sure you don’t miss the ones listed here since it’s not possible to include all the things in just one article.

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