Dubai Miracle Garden: 12 Things to Know Before You Go

Dubai is a city of innovation, ambition and achievements. It has been enjoying incredible feats of engineering and has several feathers in its caps. From the palm-shaped islands and ocean-inspired suites to miles of rolling dunes and thrilling theme parks — travellers can be spoilt for choices. Who would think in a city of cutting-edge technology and lofty skyscrapers, there is the world’s largest natural flower garden, Dubai Miracle Garden.

Here are interesting facts and things that you must know about the Dubai Miracle Garden before you go:

  1. It is the largest flower garden in the world

Sprawling over 72,000 sq m, Dubai Miracle Garden bills itself as the world’s largest flower garden. Its rival Keukenhof garden might be the biggest in the area but blooms only 8 million flowers. Located in Dubailand near the Arabian Ranches, the Miracle Garden has some record-breaking floral installations, including the giant replica of the Airbus A380.

  1. It is built on desert land

Dubai “Miracle” Garden is surprisingly a miracle as it blossoms and nurtures in a desert. Dubai faces harsh and extreme weather conditions. It remains warm or hot throughout the year. For a city to grow such a staggering amount of flowers naturally and survive them for 6 months is nothing less than a magical spell.

  1. It was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013

Dubai is generally known for its modern and technically advanced landscape. Giving it a romantic twist, Dubai Miracle Garden was inaugurated in 2013 on Valentine’s Day, making it the only garden to be announced on such eve. With so many sweet-scented and heart-inspired floral patterns, this has soon become one of the most romantic gardens in the world. Couples from around the world visit here to celebrate their milestones. The garden is also on the bucket list of families travelling with kids.

Image by Валентина Цибульская from Pixabay
  1. It is Guinness World Record holder for 3rd time

The Dubai Miracle Garden has been recognised with Guinness World Records three times. These include: world’s longest flower wall that ran across 1 km in length; the record-breaking Airbus Emirates A380 rewarded as the biggest flower structure in the world with 1 million flowers; 18m floral rendition of Mickey Mouse which weighs almost 35 tonnes is the tallest topiary supported sculpture in the world.

  1. It has 150 million flowers and plants

To its biggest credit, the Dubai Miracle Garden spruces up the places with over 150 million colourful natural flowers and plants from 120 varieties. Since 2013, the garden has bloomed more than 1 billion flowers. It is not just the whopping collection of flowers, but their astonishing arrangements that draw a huge footfall every year. The entire garden is brimming with colourful displays, patterns, archways, layouts and designs.

  1. Petunias are common

Among all the flowers, petunias are the most common ones in the garden. You can find over 50% of the overall flowers are petunias, which are available in different types, colours and sizes. It has become the obvious choice because petunias are easily maintained, adorable fragrant and effortlessly integrated with such colossal floral themes. The second most popular flower is the sunflower that ranges in about 15 different species, including one of the rarest dwarf varieties. Other flowers and plants are geranium, Snapdragons, verbena, daisies, alternanthera shrubs and Marigolds.

  1. It organises a fresh look every year

As if growing the world’s largest flower garden wasn’t enough, Dubai features ever-changing themes as well. Every year, from November to April, the garden comes with a new and revived version, which ensures that even the repeated visitors with Miracle garden tickets can enjoy a different experience each time they flock here. However, some of the floral themes garner huge popularity, and are hence, retained for the next season.

  1. There are over 1000 artistic themes

In this gigantic, picturesque, romantic space you can come across almost 1000 floral themes, which are varying and unique. While some are as tall as 30 metres, a few of them are small as vases. Heart passageway is the most popular and the oldest floral theme in the garden. There is a section dedicated to Disney characters, such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. Some of the major highlights till last season include a 15m wide floral birthday clock, floral castle, Umbrella Tunnel, Lake Park, Floating Lady, 3D Floral Design, Sunflower Field, Hill Top and Floating Lady. In Season 6, there was a famous Teddy Bear with a heart that stole the limelight. To take back memories, you can get permission for the most spellbinding photoshoot across this picture-perfect backdrop.

Image by Juned Alam from Pixabay
  1. It is a garden, not a park

Dubai Miracle Garden is a botanical garden, and probably not a picnic park. So, the visitors are not allowed to bring outside food or ride a bicycle here. They surely can take a nap lying in the hammock.

  1. It reuses waster water for maintenance

With a team of more than 400 individuals that include labours, botanists, cleaners and managers, the garden is kept green and pristine. From cultivation and trimming to cleaning the space, it takes a village for this unmatchable experience. There is an automated water system that sprays the garden. Nearly 800,000 litres of water is required by the garden daily, and to conserve the environment it reuses the wastewater through a drip-irrigation system.

  1. It has more than just flowers

Besides the breathtaking visuals, the garden boasts an array of entertainment. It has undergone many changes, from night shows with twinkling lights to archways offering panoramic views. You can chill out in a cabana with billowing drapes and cushions. There is a trampoline park, Zumba session and other friendly activities that will offer cheerful family time. With weekly activities, street performances and live events, it creates a buzzing atmosphere. There are over 30 fast-food and beverage outlets, including cafes, candy stores and fruit juice centres. You can then stop by a souvenir shop, photo booths and bazaar.

  1. It is adjacent to Dubai Butterfly Garden

You can reach here by the express bus or metro. Alternatively, you can come on your private transport as there is a large parking space. Next to it is the enormous nine-dome Dubai Butterfly garden. It is home to 15,000 butterflies of around 26 types. So, you can buy the combo tickets for Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden.


Dubai Miracle Garden is a verdant escape for anyone who loves nature or creativity. (Also, check about Sharjah Safari Park) Opened by the onset of winter, the garden is a must-visit destination in Dubai, whether you are here for a weekend or on vacation.